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Targeting Quality in Consulting Services: Resource Placement and Job Search.

Managing for quality in a business is inherently challenging. This is especially true for service businesses. Service businesses do not produce a "thing" whose quality can be measured, weighed, and tested. Service quality is subjective and personal.

Because service quality is intangible or immeasurable, there is a strong tendency to manage service businesses by focusing on what is most tangible such as: numbers of customers served, costs of providing the service, and revenues generated. However, focusing on what is easily measured leads to "looking good without being good" - to having measurable performance indicators that are acceptable but not providing a basis for quality. Work gets done but at a steadily poorer standard of quality by service providers who are increasingly overworked, underpaid, and under-appreciated.

We are consultants too. That's why we target quality in service for both government clients and consultants who represent OpenFrame Technologies.

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